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Spirit Scripture and Theology: A Pentecostal Perspective

Robert Stronstad

$6.99 eBook
$9.99 Paperback

Pentecostals and the Poor: Reflections From the Indian Context

Ivan Satyavrata

$3.99 eBook
$5.99 Paperback

The Old Testament in Theology and Teaching: Essays in Honor of Kay Fountain

Editors: Teresa Chai and Dave Johnson

$2.99 eBook
$14.99 Paperback

David Yonggi Cho: A Close Look at His Theology & Ministry

Editors: William W. Menzies, Wonsuk Ma and Hyeon-sung Bae

$3.99 eBook
$11.99 Paperback

Leave a Legacy: Increasing Missionary Longevity

Russ Turney

$3.99 eBook
$9.99 Paperback

Theology in Context: A Case Study in the Philippines

Dave Johnson

$2.99 eBook
$8.99 Paperback

Training Asians to Reach the World

 Dr. Dave Johnson

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Training Asians to Reach the World

Editor: Dr. Dave Johnson

Our newest book, edited by Dave Johnson, is almost ready to go to press! Watch for it soon right here!