Understanding the Iglesia ni Cristo: What They Really Believe and How They Can Be Reached


Does the Iglesia ni Cristo really teach that their buildings will go up in the rapture?
Do they use coercive methods to make sure their members give at least a tithe of their income to the church?
Have confrontational methods of evangelism been effective in reaching them?
The answers to these questions may surprise you.
In this groundbreaking and meticulously researched new book, evangelical scholar Dr. Anne Harper, a Manila-based missionary with Action International Ministries, describes the history, teaching, growth and development of the Iglesia ni Cristo since its founding in 1914 and explains why this group has endured for the last 100 years and why it will not likely fade away.
Unlike other evangelical publications, Dr. Harper treats the Iglesia ni Cristo with respect and kindness, while being careful not to agree with or endorse their teachings. Thoroughly documented yet highly readable, this book will go a long way to removing the false stereotypes that many born again Christians have of this group and challenge you to rethink how you feel towards them and respond in a biblical manner.

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Anne C. Harper and her family came to the Philippines in 1994 as missionaries with Action International Ministries. She holds a Doctor of Missiology degree from the Asia Graduate School of Theology-Philippines, where she wrote her dissertation on the Iglesia ni Cristo. She has been studying and interacting with members of this group for 20 years and has written extensively about them. She was an invite member and one of the authors of the 2004 Lausanne Forum Group no. 16 paper, which looked at evangelizing New Religious Movements. She is currently Associate Professor of Intercultural Studies and Director of Spiritual Formation for the Asia Graduate School of Theology-Philippines Adjunct Professor of Intercultural Studies at Asian Theological Seminary; Dr. Joseph Shao is the General Secretary of the Asia Theological Association.

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September 28, 2016

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